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Following is a list of documents and books in digital format, pertinent to the history of the theatre and performing arts, Neapolitan institutions committed to the enhancement of historical theatre resources have decided to edit to synthetically illustrate the collections guarded. To search the whole collections it is postponed to the respective present catalogs on this site or in the sites of the single institutions. The documents are so divided:
All are Pdf files. The documents are also searchable via OCR. You can read Pdfs on the browser's page or on your desktop.
It is possible to do research in this list by using the search engine on the page catalogues.
It is possible to order copies of documents by e-mail. The Naples Theatre Archives will try to provide copies of those documents within the limits of copyright and safeguarding of those documents. The texts and the documents within the archives are not copyright free. Publication or partial production without written authorisation from the copyright owners is prohibited. It is possible to order and buy the rights to images or download them for personal use only.
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