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Archeological Object

Portrait of a woman

Portrait of a woman

The portrait reproduces the real likeness of a Pompeian woman of high status: the serene expression on her face is framed by her shiny dark hair, divided into two symmetrical bands and gathered at the nape in accordance with the fashion of the period; she wears pearl earrings and a pearl necklace with a pendant in gold and precious stones. This is clearly a realistic portrait; the features are not stylised - note the slightly bent nose - and are accompanied by the barely discernable asymmetry of the two halves of the face. These differences, which are quite evident if the two eyes are compared, only one of which has bags and wrinkles, have led to the suggestion that the portrait is of a woman depicted at two different phases of her life. However, these differences are probably due to the use of different types of tesserae. The panel was situated, as an emblem, at the centre of the floor in opus sectile.

Further information
Codici (Label is not translated)
  Ente_competente: Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici delle Province di Napoli e Caserta
  SGTI: ritratto femminile
Localizzazione_geografico-amministrativa (Label is not translated)
  PVCS: Italia
  regione: CAMPANIA
  provincia: Napoli
  comune: Napoli
  LDCT: palazzo
  Name: Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli
  Indirizzo: Piazza Museo, 19 - 80135
  Location: Room LXIV
Altre_localizzazioni_geografico_amministrative_reperimento (Label is not translated)
  PRVS: Italia
  regione: CAMPANIA
  provincia: Napoli
  comune: Pompei
Dati_patrimoniali (Label is not translated)
  Inventory number: 124666
  INVD: 1870 post
Modalita_di_reperimento (Label is not translated)
  SCAN: Casa di M. Pupius Rufus
  DSCD: 1898/04/06
Dati_tecnici (Label is not translated)
  MISU: cm.
  Height: 24
  Width: 19
Dati_analitici (Label is not translated)
  Inscriptions - text:

Condizione_giuridica_e_vincoli (Label is not translated)
  CDGG: proprietà Stato
Fonti_e_documenti_di_riferimento (Label is not translated)

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