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Archeological Object

Cassetta portagioie (85885)

The rectangular jewellery box is supported by four small feet in the shape of sirens. On the front side and on one of the short sides, the decoration consists of small plaquettes depicting standing figures of draped caryatids; the figures on the edge have their arms held along their sides. On the other short side of the box, there are plaquettes portraying winged cupids with their arms folded behind their backs. The plaquettes, like the small moulded cyclindrical pilasters and the small frames which run along the edges, together with the lid, are made of ivory, while the box itself (a reconstruction) would have been entirely made of wood. A series of precious objects were found inside the jewel box including a bronze mirror, a gold ring, two silver fibulae covered by filigree gold leaf, a small pyx, a needle, a small spatula and a bone comb, a spindle and a large pin.

Further information
  SGTI: cariatidi; eroti alati
Localizzazione_geografico-amministrativa (Label is not translated)
  PVCS: Italia
  regione: CAMPANIA
  provincia: Napoli
  comune: Napoli
  LDCT: palazzo
  Indirizzo: Piazza Museo, 19 - 80135
  LDCM: Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli
Dati_patrimoniali (Label is not translated)
  Inventory number: 85885
  INVD: 1863 post
Dati_tecnici (Label is not translated)
  MISU: cm.
  Height: 14.5
  Width: 30.2
  Depth: 24
Dati_analitici (Label is not translated)
  Inscriptions - text:

Condizione_giuridica_e_vincoli (Label is not translated)
  CDGG: proprietà Stato
Fonti_e_documenti_di_riferimento (Label is not translated)