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Archeological Object

Aphrodite of Capua

Aphrodite of Capua

Aphrodite, standing with her weight on her right leg, with the left foot placed on the helmet of Ares, is represented semi-nude, with a richly draped himation covering the lower part of her body supported by the knee of her slightly bent left leg. Her hair is parted over her forehead and gathered at the nape and is adorned with a tiara on the rim of which there would have been a string of pearls. She has elongated eyes, an oval face and well-defined lips. Both her head and the upper part of her body face to the left, while her arms are raised and probably held the shield of Ares which was used as a mirror. The arms, part of the drapery and the nose were restored in 1820 by Augusto Brunelli; together with other marble statues (such as the Adonis and the so-called Psyche), the statue of Aphrodite decorated the summa cavea of the Amphitheatre of the Campanian city of Capua. It derives from an original bronze statue from the late 4th century BC and was made in the age of Hadrian, judging from the softness of the face and the contrast between the smoothness of the naked parts and the chiaroscuro effects of the drapery. In Roman times this type was sometimes modified so that it portrayed a figure of Nike in the act of writing the praises of the winner on the shield, with the addition of wings and a stylus in her right hand.

Further information
Codici (Label is not translated)
  Ente_competente: Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici delle Province di Napoli e Caserta
  SGTI: Afrodite
Localizzazione_geografico-amministrativa (Label is not translated)
  PVCS: Italia
  regione: CAMPANIA
  provincia: Napoli
  comune: Napoli
  LDCT: palazzo
  Name: Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli
  Indirizzo: Piazza Museo, 19 - 80135
  LDCM: Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli
  Location: In storage
Altre_localizzazioni_geografico_amministrative_reperimento (Label is not translated)
  PRVS: Italia
  regione: CAMPANIA
  provincia: Caserta
  comune: Santa Maria Capua Vetere
  PRCU: piazza I Ottobre - 81055
Altre_localizzazioni_geografico_amministrative_provenienza (Label is not translated)
  PRVS2: Italia
  regione: CAMPANIA
  provincia: Napoli
  comune: Napoli
  PRCU2: Piazza Museo, 19 - 80135
  PRCM2: Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli
Dati_patrimoniali (Label is not translated)
  Inventory number: 6017
  INVD: 1871 post
Dati_tecnici (Label is not translated)
  MISU: m.
  Height: 2.2
Dati_analitici (Label is not translated)
  Inscriptions - text:

Condizione_giuridica_e_vincoli (Label is not translated)
  CDGG: proprietà Stato
Fonti_e_documenti_di_riferimento (Label is not translated)

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